Between 45% and 50% of candidates fail the first round of consulting interviews!  

"Succeed brilliantly in your first round of interviews in consulting firms immediately!" 

How to start your interview process on the right foot ...


What should you expect concerning your first interviews in consulting firms?  Where to begin to professionally train yourself?  

The following will be of great interest to you!

I have the precise method you need to become competitive on specific challenges that are critical in the first rounds of interviews with consulting companies; this is doable in a minimum amount of time. I am Victor Haim Mamou, former consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and also accepted at McKinsey. I'm specialized in preparing consulting firm job interviews. I train several hundreds of candidates each year, and my seminars are integrated in the most prestigious institutions in Europe such as Ecole Polytechnique, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP, EM Lyon or even EDHEC and Arts et Métiers. These  institutions are partners with Harvard Business School, Wharton, Stanford, the MIT, LSE etc.

I want to share with you some little-known statistics concerning the failure rates for the first round of interviews with consulting firms.

These figures stem from the University of Kellogg (North Western) and relate to the follow-up of its MBA students:

Failure rate at the first round of interviews according to the type of consulting firm

All consulting firms
Top 10 firms
Top tier firms

This is striking; almost half of the candidates fail at the first round! What's the point in preparing for classical interviews if you get it wrong from the first contact with the group? None! 

But what explains this high failure rate at the first round of interviews with consulting firms ?

  • As that's how nature is, "all beginnings are always tough" as people say, and that's also the case in consulting interviews: if I wanted to state the obvious, I would say that the first interviews take the candidate “unawares” and that they require even more preparation than the rest of the interview process to have good automatic reflexes. 
  • The excessive importance of “case studies” on the first round. Let me explain: the different interview rounds have a dynamic and it's in the first round that the “case study” component is the most important, in comparison with the “personal presentation” part. 
  • But the “case studies” of the first round are very often composed or completed with specific exercises aiming at testing the logic of the candidate' reasoning, as well as their quantitative competences and their  method to construct a reasoning.
  • There are three specific tests in the first rounds of interviews: the "typical calculations used by consultants" or "consulting maths," the "brainteaser" and the "market sizing."
  • brainteaser is a small problem to solve, involving logic, common sense and sometimes imagination. For instance: "How to weigh an elephant with no scale" or "how many times  does the number 5 occur between 0 and 1000?"   
  • market sizing is an exercise in which you have to size a market that can be more or less complex. Here's a simple example: "What is the total length of spaghetti eaten each week in Europe?" 

 How to measure yourself to these specific tests of the first round 

I have set up a new preparation tool with the aim of  proving that the statistics for failure of the candidates in the first round are false. This is a vital tool to secure your success in the very first interviews in consulting firms.

The setup of this new preparation book took me 6 months and results in the first preparation tool for the first round of interviews in consulting firms. By the way, as far as I know, there is no such content in the world, hurray! For once an innovation in consulting comes from France :)

Here is the key to succeed at your first round of interviews

 The book contains all the ingredients you need to succeed at your first round of interviews.       

 The book is organized into three chapters

  • Chapter 1: Succeeding flawlessly in the “typical small calculations of the consultant." These calculations are a plague for approximately 30% of the candidates. You know, the calculations seem very easy with a cool head during the preparation phase, but instead they make many candidates fail on D-Day. We'll see how to remain as efficient on D-Day as during your training sessions. 
  • Chapter 2: Succeed at brain teasers. These tests derived from investment bank interviews blow away many candidates. This won't be your case after this targeted training. The book contains a selection of brain teasers "necessary and sufficient" to reach the standards of the best firms in this field. 
  • Chapter 3: Succeed at market sizing. The most classical test in the first rounds--I’ll show you my small formula to consistently crack them. We'll see together the two categories of market sizing that are vital to know before heading to a first round interview in a consulting firm. 

"The feedback of our Master Class has been excellent on this training module [let me point out that we have made 30% of the content of the book in seminars.]"

- Management of a leading European Business School

Train yourself thanks to the content of this training and...

  • Be competitive for all the first round tests – without spending a lot of time on preparation!
  • Prepare your mastery of quantitative cases – The resolution method of brain teasers and market sizing is resolutely oriented to convey the automatic reasoning reflexes of strategy consultants to you.

Our references


Give yourself the chance to succeed at the first round interviews in consulting firms with a very short preparation time.

How much this will cost me?

The content of the book is partially given in preparation seminars in several reference institutions, on a selective mode – all the students of the concerned institutions don't have access to this training. Typically, we deal with the equivalent of 30% of the content of the book in a day of work,for which I charge at least $ 1,200 excluding tax.

Value of the training content

3 x  $1,200

Min. $3,600

In short, in terms of the book’s content, the value of this exclusive tool, key to success at the first rounds in consulting firms is at least $3,600 excluding tax.

My goal with is not to train a handful of candidates that have substantial funds; I already do that in private sessions. My goal is to contribute to open the consulting sector to more people. Today, I offer this content at the price of $67

  • Secure payment

 And if the book doesn't suit me afterwards?

I'm not used to disappointing my clients. All my formation content is reimbursed within 10 days if you're not satisfied. Concerning the preparation to strategy consulting, I know the quality of my training, that's why there is the guarantee :) 

I wish you the same success with this book as experienced by previous readers who have used the book!   

To your success,

Victor Mamou

PS: This book also contains a surprise that I haven't spoken about... this is “unclassifiable” tests that are neither brain teasers nor market sizing nor case studies. I've selected a handful of these true“UFOS” in the landscape of questions asked in first rounds that speak for themselves, in order to enable you not to be caught unprepared on any subject.

PS 2: Of course, these “UFOS” also include detailed solutions with a strategy consultant approach.

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