Our references in consulting case interview preparation

Our training and books to prepare consulting cases interviews in the best consulting firms are exclusives, no copy-past of existing methods you could find anywhere else.

We clearly take the risk to differentiate and to propose rupture innovative approach both for the case cracking method and for reaching highest level in your fit interview. We share all these revolutionary approaches with our clients.

Victor Mamou is one of the consulting interview preparation experts worldwide and the originality is that, for one time, innovation in consulting preparation is not coming directly from the US 🙂

This frenchie strategy consultant has so far changed the way to prepare of thousands consultants in Europe and decided to propose for the first time full access to its methods to international candidates.

Victor’s training are integrated in the curricula of leading higher education institutions in France. These institutions have dobble degree and partnerships agreement with the well known Ivy league university in the USA.

Since the training has been given in university and Grandes Ecoles, let’s notice that it was awarded by a very hard price: all students gave their feedback to recommand the training, which is the best recognition!

Well, this is easy to check as I give below the logo of some institutions which with I work on this topic.

Unfortunately, I’m not available for adding any new institution for a partnership on short term, but you can write me at mamou.victor@gmail.com for discussing on mid-term perspectives, I’m always interested by collaboration of excellence!


essai logo  De McKinsey au BCG en passant par Deloitte et Accenture préparation aux entretiens et aux études de cas du conseil en

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