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Most candidates want to distinguish themselves during the selection process: doing mock interviews is the best way to achieve that


If you are reading this page, you must have a specific career plan: becoming a strategic or management consultant.

This is great news, because the topic I will talk to you about is one of the best tools to distinguish yourself during your interviews with consulting firms.

Nothing beats practice. The objective of a mock interview is to put you in the context of an hour and a half interview, which is typically structured as follows

1) Profile and motivation interview

2) Exclusive case study

3) Detailed feedback

Even if you have read my books and other classic books, there is an immense gap between theoretical reading (sometimes passive) of a method, and its application in concrete examples, with a professional scrutinizing your reactions, reflexes, common sense, business sense, improvisation, structure and so on.

The mock interviews I offer are different from those you can find on a website like preplounge, for example, on three levels: 

1. First, on preplounge, a consulting interview expert typically has tens of mock interviews under his belt. As I am writing this, the most experienced expert has conducted less than 500 mock interviews. Very good, but I personally train between 700 and 1,000 candidates every year. I can therefore provide you feedback that is extremely valuable in helping you trully understand what must be done, how to do it, and what you should avoid during your real interviews. To me, those mock interviews are a way to test you on all the key aspects of your actual interviews.

2. As with all the services I offer on this site, a mock interview with me is covered by my complete satisfaction guarantee, without discussion. And... since I started offering this type of individual coaching professionally, i.e., since 2013, I have never had a candidate who did not recommend this service!  


To end this introduction, here are two more important things. Many colleagues from across the Atlantic have also implemented this type of coaching, because it is a real plus for the candidates. But, given the number of applications, they applied the good old business management practice: in parallel to their increase in volume, they started delegating. I do not. I offer this service conducting the individual sessions myself; I delegate this task to no one.

On the other hand, many mock interviews on the market are more like sessions during which the expert offers common sense advice. This is very good, but in my opinion, it is not sufficient. If you aim at becoming a consultant, you need an expert specialized in strategy consulting. Not an investment banking expert who also offers consulting interview preparation services. As you will notice if we travel down this road together, there are so many things specific to the consulting sector that one needs to be prepared for, and an expert who is not fully involved in this field will inevitably fail to cover many of these necessary aspects.

Let’s now move on to the content of a mock interview and its flow

To be specific, the topic is not only “one mock interview” because I will be transparent with you, it takes an average of 3 mock interviews in order to reach a level I would deem competitive.

Of course, this is an average. I happened to have coached candidates to BCG and McKinsey with two or even one mock interview. However, it is rare. It actually depends on your personal level.

If you have followed the Consulting Revolution, then yes it can easily be done with one or two sessions max. If you have read my books, you will have a head start and the first session will allow you to review some notions. That is the most important topic.

Go through a session, and then it's up to you. I do not impose  any commitment. My students decide the number of sessions on their own. You are free - of course.

 I will now show you exactly how most standard 3-session cycle works:

  • During the first session, we will begin by assessing your questions: whatever your level of preparation, you have questions about these interviews and case studies, but also about the recruitment process. This is an opportunity to start with the topics most relevant to you. I have a specific plan to implement with you, but I will start by focusing on your specific concerns. This first session will be used to make sure you master the basics in order to avoid being eliminated during the first round. I let you introduce yourself and I ask you questions for 15 minutes. We then move on to a first case study whose objective is to help you master not only the Integral Method, but also some key quantitative components. I then provide you detailed feedback and I give your roadmap to help you improve what needs to be improved.
  • During the second session, which is typically scheduled one or two weeks after the first one, giving you time to “digest” the content seen during the first session, I will have you do the case study I call “liquefaction.” I named it as such because 90% of the candidates literally self-liquefy during this simulation. They are unsettled and make many mistakes. It is all for the best. It is the purpose of this case, which I designed to help you finalize your acquisition of the Integral Method. At this stage, the candidate says “phew, thank god my actual interview was not today! Now, I understand exactly what I have to do.” Oh, I forgot: we will do a new profile and motivation simulation, but this time with more challenging questions.
  • During the third Session, it’s verdict time :) The purpose of this session is to validate that your level is competitive on all the key aspects of an interview. The objective is not to make you fall in all possible traps - although I will test you on that - but to show you that you have made it: you have reached the level that will allow you to land more offers. I will not tell you that you will be selected by McKinsey if I do not sincerely believe it. If I believe it, I will tell you that you are now competitive. This means you have to reach the final round in the target firms and, save unforeseen circumstances - which can happen to anyone - get an offer.

The two ways to conduct a mock interview...

1. During the first session, I will offer you the “salami slicing” pedagogy. This means that during the case study, I will interrupt you as soon as I deem it necessary, in order to explain how to change your approach. The “salami slicing” during the profile and motivation interview is aimed at giving you feedback as soon as you are done with your presentation, without waiting to ask you questions. This is the best way to take advantage of the first case we will do together, the aim being to have you assimilate the methodology to the smallest details.

2. During the last sessions, we will proceed like a normal classical mock interview: 45 minutes simulation and feedback, the aim here is to test you, to tell you whether you are competitive or not. We must therefore really put you in context.

3. Between the first and the last sessions, we will adapt the flow according to your needs. If you are in the beginner stage of the interviews, the second session is likely to also be conducted in a “salami slicing” mode. If you are almost ready, we dive directly into classic simulation mode.

 OK, but does it work?

The essential thing to understand is that it works very well. I might as well tell you now that during the mock interviews, we will revisit concepts you may think are insignificant or are not very impactful.

You'll have to work hard! However, the good news is that the results you will obtain will be mind-blowing. Can I guarantee you 100% odds of entering firm X? No, and if someone, someday tells you otherwise... run!

That being said, you can put all the odds in your favor by giving yourself the means to succeed. Using mock interviews, you will indeed give yourself these means. This is what I guarantee you with this coaching:


  • Your success rate will be 200% - My objective in declaring you “competitive” is not to have you receive one offer from your target firms, but at least two! I am once again publicly asking anyone who made ​​mock interviews with me to flood the comments section of my site saying “Nah, it did not work for me, I did not receive two offers.” Again, I do not take any risks: it simply never happened!
  • You will approach your interview with complete confidence - This makes a huge difference compared to the mass of candidates who worked hard, but wait for the actual interviews to evaluate their level...
  • You will not only succeed during your interviews, but also prepare yourself to work in the consulting industry - All the methods I share are actually used in strategic consulting. These are not methods “built to resolve one case” and that we forget once we are working.
  • You might be asking yourself - and candidates often ask me: “How was he able to invent all of this?” In fact, I did not invent anything. I had hundreds of candidates giving me feedback every year. I took notes, analyzed the information and integrated it into my method, and... it is probably, in order to succeed in strategic consulting, one of the most complete methods available today. In any case, it digs much deeper than most known methods!

Concretely: sessions are made through Skype

 The process is very simple:

1. You contact me via my private email:

2. You briefly tell me your motivation, path and firms you are targeting, as well as your schedule.

3. According to the waiting list, or if I find your project unrealistic or too tight in terms of timing, I will accept or refuse to accompany you.

4. We will hold a first session within 10 to 15 days and I will send you my Skype ID.

5. On the day and time which we agreed upon, you call me with Skype in video mode.

6. And here we go...

How much does it cost?

The face-to-face individual coaching sessions I give are billed more than $5,000 a day. This allows me to follow a handful of candidates each year, but most students or young executives cannot take advantage of these services. I have therefore decided to put in place excellent follow ups with a flexible flow in order to offer a very affordable price regarding consulting recruitment challenges.

A session is offered at $249 for an hour and a half of working together. If you bought one of my books, or my Consulting Case Revolution training, contact me, as you might be eligible for a discount.

The sessions are covered by my 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee

Thus, you take no risks. I know what I am doing. I understand the value of shared content during a private session, which allows me to offer this guarantee.

You don’t feel you have made huge progress in your consulting interview preparation? I will refund you 100% without any discussion!

One day, a candidate offered me the following: “Coach me for a few hours. If I get an offer from a top tier firm, I will pay you 12,000 Euros.” I bluntly refused. I am not here to gamble. The method I have developed for 7 years works better than anything I've seen so far in the field of case cracking, and more generally in the overall success in consulting interviews.

I do not seek to hit the jackpot with your application. I am passionate about what I do and I have chosen a price I deem fair. I told the candidate: “Why not purchase a session? You will see for yourself what it brings you, and with 12,000 Euros you have far more than what is necessary to be competitive.” But no, he wanted to play and he was expecting some sort of magical effect, or at least an irrational way to succeed in the consulting industry. Instead, prepare yourself professionally, make progress step by step, you will see - you will easily be able to recognize when you are ready. By using a method that works, it is not as difficult as it seems. I'm no better than you and I had offers from McKinsey and BCG. But I applied the tips I will give you during a mock interview.     

One last thing before leaving you. A candidate I have accompanied wrote me a long email between the first and second round of his interviews. I hereby share with you his first two words after “Hello Victor”: the candidate was speaking during his interview process. He simply wrote, about the method: It worked!” And you know what? Everything is going very well for him nowadays at McKinsey, as with dozens of candidates every year :)  

 To contact me and apply for a mock interview:, contact me several weeks ahead of time because I have a waiting list that often exceeds 3 weeks.

To your success,

Victor Haïm Mamou

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