The French best seller is now accessible to all candidates in the world, take your chance now!

How to get offers from BCG and McKinsey even if you're not graduated from Ivy League, I explain you the method step-by-step.

Why should this book be part of your preparation tools? 

 An innovative method described step-by-step 

I have had a 98% success rate with my interviews using this method, which I will describe step-by-step, leaving nothing out.  

 Distinguish yourself in each dimension of the interview 

 You will be prepared not only on the study aspect, but also on the components of a CV, cover letter and interpersonal interview.

 Exclusive case studies to educate you

 The book does not simply expose you to an approach, but you will also gain valuable practice and insight on  exclusive case studies.

 Hundreds of satisfied readers – only one refund!

  The success of the book continues with hundreds of satisfied readers – with the exception of one candidate who believed he could prepare for financial audit interviews with this content :)

Want to know more? Just read the following!

Let's first deny the rumour...

It is perfectly possible to succeed in interviews with consulting firms using a systematic approach. A rational approach that leaves nothing to chance, an approach that can be repeated at a large number of interviews but never be caught off guard; this particularly applies to the resolution of a case study. I have developed, tested, improved and structured this innovative methodology, which led to my first book, a best-seller in French speaking countries called “How to get into BCG or McKinsey – even if you haven’t graduated from Ivy League”. 

  • The method that I describe in this book is all encompassing and allows you to earn points at each stage of a consulting interview and any personal presentation on a case study  
  • My approach is a detailed step-by-step process, together with all the key factors to succeed in an interview   
  • Finally the book is resolutely concrete, with applicable and appropriate levers and corrected cases, not only theory  

I will describe my background which is nothing like a classic Ivy League candidate but before I do that, I have a few questions for you: :

  • Do you want to work for one of the best consulting firms in strategy, organization and management?
  • Do you feel a bit lost, facing infinite subjects, case studies and a large number of resolution methods?
  • Would you like to receive a step-by-step process, with a constructed and systematic approach that will boost your chances of success and will help you save valuable time on your preparation?
  • Would you like to stand out among other candidates and receive offers suited to your ambitions?
  • Are you motivated by your projects and are you aware that you need to personally invest to ensure your success in the ultra-competitive sector of consulting?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, then my book is not for you. If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, then read on. This book will become a key mainstay to your success in all your future interviews. 

Let me introduce myself: My name is Victor Mamou, a former consultant at Boston Consulting Group. I received an offer from McKinsey but I decided to decline it. I specialize in interview preparation in consulting, and in sharing consulting professional approaches to managers. Because of my early background, I was not recruited by any consulting firms. 

  • A little background. We are in 1997, after 3 years of intensive preparation, I passed the entry exams of Grandes Ecoles, the French equivalent of a top US university, and I made the choice to enter a school of civil servants, which train engineers in the field of civil engineering and construction, to work for the French ministry of Transport and Construction.
  • This school was hardly mentioned in the various rankings of best French schools and therefore, it was undermined by most companies - my institution was off the radar of all the consulting firms.
  • At the end of the curriculum, I decided to become a lecturer and researcher and to cut my story short, I worked in the laboratory of a French scientific network called CNRS, and then as a lecturer at the Paris University.
  • I lacked more and more motivation, as the students sitting before me were lost, confused and did not know what they were doing at university.  
  • My salary was low and at the end of each month I cleared exactly 1,300 Euros, this for a PhD. I decided to change my career and a year and a half later I found myself at the Boston Consulting Group, with a salary 4 times higher. Out of 56 interviews I succeeded in 55. I did not choose BCG for the salary, I had actually received an offer with a proposed annual salary of above 10,000€ with another influential firm, not forgetting to mention the McKinsey offer.

Why not you?

I have been able to improve the method, integrate the feedback from my experience as a consultant and as a coach to hundreds of applicants, to reach the successful achieved method you’ll find in the book, which will help you achieve the same success.  

Before describing this content to you, I would point out that the use of this method requires mandatory prerequisites without which you will not gain the maximum benefit: 

  • You must have already decided to become a strategy consultant.
  • You must anticipate investing yourself in time and effort in order to take ownership of the method from A to Z.

That being said, here is the content of the Integral Method that will assist you in getting into the top consulting firms:

Module 1: Why existing methods are not helpful, and how this book is different

In this introductory module, you will understand why existing methods had not helped me much in my consulting interviews, while the Integral Method deals with interviews in all their aspects:

  • On the substance: to be irreproachable in terms of business sense and structured approach.
  • Of the format: in order to control each of the 3 key steps of an interview in a consulting firm.

Module 2: How to approach the interview by attaining the level of your examiner 

 In this module, you will learn how to take your performance to the next level:

  • There are 5 critical traps that a large number of candidates always fall into, and without being prepared, you will join the 90% of candidates who receive no offers at all
  • How to put yourself in the place of the examiner in order to understand what he expects from you on a set of key issues.
  • Understanding their expectations will allow you to calibrate your performance based on target attitudes and well-defined skills. These targets are specific to the examiner of consulting firms, who are senior consultants and not human resources specialists
  • Understanding and incorporating this fact into your preparation will allow you to be very competitive

Module 3: How to score “brownie” points before even starting the case study

This module will allow you to master concepts ignored by the majority of candidates, and will allow you to understand and anticipate: 

  • How to transform your CV and cover letter into an asset to succeed…during the case study.
  • If you do not see the exact link between the CV/cover letter and the case, it may be because you are still part of the 99% of candidates who do not make use of this very powerful lever.
  • By the way, these are the same 99% who do not receive a joint offer at BCG and McKinsey! Do you want to change camps?

Module 4: Presentation of the methodology that has allowed me to succeed in 98% of my case studies in actual interviews

I surmise that the 2% failure resulted from the incorrect application of module 3. But with good preparation of the following module, being successful quasi-systematically in a case study is nothing extraordinary. 

This Module 4 is the core of the whole method; it will assist you in developing different skills: 

  • Avoid the worst first: the syndrome of the white slate that threatens all candidates facing a stressful situation
  • Use a unique approach when facing all cases studies: this greatly facilitates its appropriation; it avoids tangling brushes and forgets entire sections of reasoning on D-day.
  • Give a quasi-exhaustive content in order to deepen any topic proposed by your examiner: this is to synthesize the chapter headings and sub-headings for each of the key topics of discussion during the case. This work is the result of a synthesis of the ten existing books in the domain of strategy, management and many internal content sanitized coming from the Boston Consulting Group. This section will help you earn 3 months full-time work.

Module 5: Cases studies fully corrected

 These unpublished case studies are examples of the methodology described in the previous modules.  

These exclusive case studies were built up to cover all subjects without you needing to do dozens or even hundreds of additional cases. By following these selected cases, you will be able to strengthen your expertise of the method by applying it to new topics for illustration and fine-tuning.

Our references - these institutions are partners of the best US business schools


This book will enable you to have an approach that has proven to be successful in interviews with consulting firms and consequently you will receive several offers from distinguished firms 

What is the price of this book?

I made a gross estimate, with a hypotheses particularly unfavorable, to illustrate the gains in a career in consulting and how valuable it is. I ended up accumulating wins in excess of one million Euros, compared to colleagues, who have been in the same industry or services their whole career and not coming close to this success.

I know the value of the method I share in this book and the impact on all candidates who use it. No single approach treats the interview in its entirety. A case study is not an exercise in logic, rather in a true consulting project, the human factor is worth far more.  An introductory price of only $47. 

$47 is equivalent to 8 minutes consulting fee in a top-ranking firm. It will take you approximately 20 to 30 hours to master the content and the approachs developed in the book. I hate marketing approaches of any kind, but for $47 you will not only receive the book you will also receive Victor Haïm videos where he waxes lyrical songs to succeed in cases studies ...whereas with me, you will receive exactly what I have described above, more than 250 slides of content to arm you ready for action.

If you seriously want to work in a top level consulting firm, then this is the book for you and your turnaround investment will be an unfair advantage to the other candidates.


  • Securized payment

What if I am not satisfied with the book?  

My customers are generally not disappointed, but in the unlikely event you are, I offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days. I stand by the quality of my methodology and training and for this reason I am confident you will not be disappointed. 

I wish you every success,

Victor Mamou

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