Deloitte Career: Culture And Life After Deloitte Consulting


One of the first options after Deloitte Consulting? Just stay at Deloitte! Indeed the company offers many opportunities to work in other offices in other practices, etc. Most competitors in management consulting and strategy can’t offer their consultants such a variety of firm output options.


Deloitte Career After Few Years In The Compagny


To facilitate its career management, Deloitte recommends applicants aim for the department in which they wish to really work. When it comes to options outside the firm, they are very broad, from staying in consulting to joining the largest global corporations. Obviously, the Deloitte curriculum is less prestigious than other major consulting firms. Some elitist sectors are generally closed to the firm’s alumni; I think, for example, of private equity. The boost on one’s career is also slightly below the three most prestigious strategy consulting firms, but it is still excellent. Here is a short illustrative excerpt from Deloitte’s network on large businesses led by former consultants of this firm:

  • Starbucks
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Fiat
  • Trade.Me

Finally, here is a video explaining the benefits of the Deloitte alumni network:




Deloitte consulting’ culture


Deloitte consultants have a culture heavily influenced by the audit component of the company. Thus, it is primarily ethics, integrity, and the code of conduct that characterizes this company. It is far from innovation and the “out of the box thinking” developed by the Boston Consulting Group for instance. But after all, Deloitte clients do not seek specifically to apply to this company to thoroughly review their strategy. Deloitte consultants are seen as extremely efficient at reproducing and improving every operational approach that have proved their worth. Also, in the DNA of Deloitte one finds financial modeling skills. Analytical minds coming from Deloitte are very appreciated by the strategy and management consulting firms who can thus draw on former Delloitte consultants to identify those who could have an excellent career as a strategy consultant.


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The company training programs are also known for their excellence. Most of the clients of the company are of larger SMEs. The consultant at Deloitte must, therefore, be expected to travel intensively almost five days a week without taking a plane, but rather the train – in Europe at least! In all cases, he will be almost all the time on the road. It is essential to take this into account to project yourself in the job, before starting the recruitment process.

However, the corporate culture is very low. This is explained by the gigantic size of the firm, whose local offices can be up to 1,000 consultants. In this context, both say that the social bond between employees is naturally smaller than what exists at McKinsey. Similarly, the tutoring or coaching culture is much less developed at Deloitte, and the alumni network, extraordinary for its size, is not the most reactive.


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