All You Need to Know About Deloitte Recruitment And Internships

So right away let me say, if you aim at the standards of recruitment of McKinsey or BCG, you’ll fly over your interviews with Deloitte. The case study is used, but this test is much less structured and quantitative than in top tier strategy and management consulting firms.


Deloitte Recruitment Process


Deloitte recruitment process focuses much more on the fit dimension of the interviews, and the case studies are much more predictable than elsewhere. Prepare to be tested on “market sizing” and on very classic consulting case statements. Deloitte’s website provides extensive information on the recruitment process, which has no particular specificity. You will need to train professionally and have interviews to rehearse your presentation. There are no special instructions for your resume and cover letter, which must follow industry standards.


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To revise your basics, here are the tips of a professional Human Resources Department at Deloitte who created a series of short videos, small tips that remain classical, to allow you to verify that your foundations are good:



To go further in the process of preparation you can go here.


Deloitte Internships


Deloitte internships are rather well seen in the sector. They, thus, appear in the top 10 of the 2011 ranking published by Vault. Other feedback considers an internship with Deloitte as an experience to become eligible to top-tier recruitment process.

Of full-time jobs from internships, conversion statistics are skewed by the fact that many trainee candidates are not specifically aimed at long-term jobs at Deloitte, but consider their experience rather serves as a launching pad to a more strategic consulting firm. Among the advantages of an internship at Deloitte we can count on strong investment in training offered to trainees. Finally, let’s conclude on a less elitist recruitment culture than in pure strategy and management consulting firms. There are many employment opportunities at the university exit for graduates who are not in the Ivy League institutions. Indeed, Deloitte obviously screens its candidates, but does not have a strict targeting like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. Recruited profiles include graduates from business and engineering fields.

To have a vision of Deloitte and its internships, take a look below:


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