Deloitte’s reputational gains in the consulting sector are impressive: the firm was ranked number one by Business Week in 2007 and 2009 regarding the best place to launch your career. On social networks, also, the firm is distinct from the competition. For example, LinkedIn ranked Deloitte number one on the scale of the attractiveness of employers. What is the real appeal of this firm in the consulting industry?

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Let’s be clear: Deloitte is not in the first consulting firm’s category, made up of top tier firms. But after all, except BCG, McKinsey, and Bain, no other consulting firms are part of this restricted category! Beyond these three leading firms, Deloitte is an excellent option to become a consultant. The strengths of the firm reside in excellent salaries, quality of training programs, and projects of interest that make this player a safe bet in the consulting sector.

Careers at Deloitte

One of the benefits of a career at Deloitte is its internal mobility policy offered to consultants. This, coupled with the exceptional geographical coverage of the firm – which is almost everywhere in the world – offers great flexibility to its consultants.


Another key point for the management of careers at Deloitte: there is no up or out HR policy in the firm. This is explained by the impressive size of the network and the multiplicity of possible career paths within it. Thus, the firm does not exclude a consultant who is not performing at the desired level; the preferred option is just to offer him a career path more suited to his skills and wishes. Therefore, you understand easily why the life of a consultant at Deloitte is much less stressful than in many other management and strategy consulting firms.


For example, it is possible for a Deloitte consultant to project himself more than 6 months in his professional future. The turnover is over a period of between four and six years rather than between two and three years. All these aspects should not be overlooked to ensure your suitability to the culture of the firm.

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Moreover, it is one of the few firms in the top 10 of the Vault rankings to proudly display that it has no problem to re-employ former consultants who have left the company to work elsewhere for a few years. This implies, as at Accenture, consultants must pay attention to their process of leaving the firm, in order to secure career options within the impressive network of the firm. The scales of seniority at Deloitte are following: an Analyst Tracking Consultant position is entry level, then Senior Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager, Principal, and finally Director.

All You Need to Know About Deloitte Recruitment And Internships

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