Consulting maths

First, let’s assume that there are several levels in the challenge of being successful facing a quantitative case:



1) The level of basic knowledge to make calculations quickly and well, especially without error.


2) The actual quantitative case, i.e., which requires one to equate a given business problem within a constructed reasoning.

The enemy in mathematical situations is stress!


Let’s just say that level one is eliminatory. I have followed several candidates who failed last year in the final round in top-tier firms, McKinsey, BCG, and Bain, only due to issues of basic calculations! Let’s be clear: you know how to calculate. If you landed on this page, it is because you are interested in careers in consulting, and therefore, your career had to necessarily train you to solve first degree equations, calculations of percentages, and equations’ basic layouts.


The problem is that this basic knowledge may be missing on the D-Day due to stress or pressure. It is, indeed, almost certain that you will not be as comfortable to make these calculations as you are at home in front of your PC. In these conditions, there is a minimum level that you still need to ensure, whatever the circumstances of your interviews. For example, it happens that some interviewers are simply obnoxious; you need to know this and not collapse in the first test of your ability to think under pressure. This is part of the “game.”



consulting maths


Among the skills that you must demonstrate in survival mode:


1) Know how to build a model for a simple business problem regarding volumes, prices, and the costs of a product or service.

2) Be able to solve simple calculations with your paper and head.


To train at the base of the base, you can specifically look towards all tests and online quiz leveraging maths thinking. To continue your preparation, I wrote the first chapter of the book on first round interviews to allow you to test yourself on over fifty simple quantitative exercises needing to create models for basic business reasoning. By studying that book, you can check yourself, based on a simple criteria and test if you are at the required level for succeeding during your interviews in consulting on this dimension.

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