What are the activities of a management and strategy consultant

Strategy consulting is undoubtedly the consulting segment which attracts more candidates for a variety of legitimate reasons. A question that comes up very often on this “holy Grail” is to know what the consultants actually spend their day doing in a strategy consulting firm. Certainly, there are a lot of articles about 24 hour periods of consultants’ lives, and I urge you to read them elsewhere, simply by searching on the net.

However, these illustrations are largely insufficient to give a clear vision of the future challenges that the consulting candidates will face. Also, a description of some tasks at this stage incumbent upon strategy consultants can help you see more clearly.


devenir consultant les activités du consultant en stratégie

The Main Activities of a Strategy Consultant


The strategy consultant must carry out actions for the diagnosis of an existing situation, structure his analysis and offer a range of solutions, and arrange the practical and efficient implementation of those recommendations. He must also prepare management and teams for the changes induced by the new models he offers.

Their core responsibility includes the increase in performance, the strengthening of the relationship between the customer and its end customers, but also partners, identification, formalization, and the transmission of good practice, and the change management.

Given the level of the fees requested from customers, these are often multinational structures or structures affected by the globalization of the economy. Thus, by construction, many structures are subjects to changes, that market, that competition, that of new technologies. There are countless reasons to put nature of the client consulting firms in strategy upheaval situation in his model. In this context, the strategy consultant will provide its analysis capabilities, business sense, knowledge of the sector and cross-sector, its functional or cross-functional control to bind the values levers related to human resources, processes, technology etc. Ultimately, it will enable the client to identify and implement ambitious and realistic goals to strengthen its competitiveness in a changing environment.

In the most competitive markets, the strengthening of the business performance can be difficult to achieve by limiting ourselves to a vision and culture of intelligence methods and practices only internal. The intervention of a strategy consulting firm will allow the client to continue its “normal” activities while reinventing its new breath, its new model, or even its new value chain.


Strategy Consulting is Disruptive


A little advice I give to managers I train in different institutions: “If a team at Bain & Company arrives in your department, you should anticipate a break to come into your business, a break that will impact your daily work in the medium to long term.” Knowing how to react to a team of consultants in strategy, or how a consultant should respond to a customer in various situations, is not my subject in this article. I will address this issue in a future training entitled “Work with Standards of Excellence of Strategy Consulting” or something similar. The element that you should remember at this point is that strategy consulting is a disruptive industry for both clients and consultants. For consultant candidates, this means that each project will be revolutionary in its field of application, at least for the customer. Because, believe me, no customer is willing to pay such fees to just copy and paste an existing model, which recommendations from its own internal teams could have found themselves. Therefore, a strategy consulting firm requires its consultants to excel in terms of added value to customers.