Management Consulting Careers: What Training Should I Take To Become A Junior Management Consultant?

In the case of a junior candidate to consulting, one must consider several scenarios to gauge the most appropriate consulting training.

  1. Consulting in a mature country
  2. Consulting in a non-mature country
  3. Other niches of consulting


Quelle formation pour devenir consultant junior?

Training for Strategy Consulting in Mature Country


Strategy consulting is undoubtedly the most elitist segment in the consulting sector. This also results in elitism in the process of selection of candidates. Let us say that current dynamic is good. I mean, the recruiting doors are more open than ever, even for strategy consulting.  A mature country for consulting allows consulting firms to recruit locally, with a network of Universities or higher education institutions. Let’s take, for example, France. A few years ago in France, a short-list of hand-picked Grandes Ecoles was the only path to get invited to job interviews. Over time, the list has expanded. Of course, Paris’ office consulting firms remain among the most selective on the planet, but they accept more diverse profiles and are then much more open than before, and time opens the consulting career path to a growing number of candidates.

The current situation is as follows: there are 10 top, great engineering schools and top 5 business schools typically giving access to invitations for interviews, at the junior level. Please notice that invitation to interviews is not automatic, and I urge you to do things with care and professionalism. The training Consulting Case Revolution I have put in place develops in detail and in a “step-by-step” process how to drastically increase the rate of invitations to consulting interviews. That may be the only “mechanical” section of the course. Just apply yourself to optimize the success rate matching your profile. On the other hand, it obviously depends mainly on your profile; the method that I share with my students does not change the profile of the latter, of course. In all cases, take the time to properly prepare this essential first step of your selection process. Most atypical profiles like mine — PhDs — are also more and more frequently invited to strategy consulting firm interviews. So keep in mind that in mature countries for consulting, one needs to be part of a target institution.

Training for Strategy Consulting In Non-Mature Countries


Opportunities are much more open to candidates with equal quality degrees outside of mature countries. It must be remembered that in a non-mature country, someone with a degree in philosophy can also be invited by McKinsey for an interview. We will have to wait a long time for that to happen in Paris! For the anecdote, one of the consulting firm branches in Paris recently told one of my students that the firm was “open to applications from Sciences PhDs, even in the humanities.” This statement made my pupil wince, and he has been discouraged to send his application…In Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle-East the game is more open and for a given degree, the doors open much more easily.

If Your Profile Does not Match


In this common case, you have two options: either opt for an additional degree, either through an MBA or a parallel admission to target a recognized institution. Either way you have the option to build your eligibility in the middle-term through building a value added experience for your next career in consulting firms.


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