Advantages and Disadvantages of Management Consulting Careers

I often use a table setting out the ten reasons to become a strategy consultant vs. ten reasons for not becoming one, as management consulting careers is often a black box for many candidates. In this article, I propose to share the first five reasons in one direction and in the other. So that the following can serve you effectively, use them as a good way to better plan for your future in this business, trying to figure out what arguments appear most important to you. In the end, you will intuitively feel, very quickly, which side your career choice leans toward. Yet again, there really is no bad decision from the moment you choose knowingly. In addition, this reflection that too few candidates take the time to do so will also assist you when it is time to prepare for the fit interview. You, indeed, need to expose the “why” of your career choices. And within this framework, it is better to have spent the time necessary to build an opinion on your next steps. Too many candidates try to convince their recruiter on selecting them for a position without looking ahead to be well-convinced of their own career choice. And during interviews this does not forgive, given the level of competition.


avantages et inconvénients de devenir consultant


5 Good Reasons to Become a Management Consultant


  1. Higher wages. From 20% to 50% higher compared to most industries and services. This is one reliable point, unlike the working conditions in other fields, which may depend on several parameters that a candidate does not control upstream. At least in consulting your salary will no doubt be a cause of satisfaction.
  2. A career change faster than in other management positions. This is one of the advantages of consulting: it can be used as a real career boost.
  3. Really interesting personal development programs. It is not only for marketing purposes: consulting firms have an interest in investing in the development of their resources. This goes until payment in full of the best MBA on the planet.
  4. The opportunity to be quickly exposed to senior clients. By construction, we will not have the time to make you go through the junior customer box. Therefore, you will be quickly introduced to important clients, which is very educational.
  5. The acquisition of valuable and effective approaches appliable outside consulting. With hindsight, this is what I consider to be the main advantage of consulting. You will never work as you did before becoming consultant.


5 Good Reasons Not to Become a Management Consultant


  1. Hourly wages are not so impressive as they seem. This is my first project manager who has pointed out that some junior consultants work so long that their hourly wage is sometimes ridiculous. But this lasts only a short time.
  2. Stressful careers, with as noted, the system of selection process of “up or out” in the largest firms. That said, you don’t have to choose firms who practice the up or out policy.
  3. Available time reduces to a minimum for social and family life. This point may be widely avoided by a good anticipation of the consultant’s life by choosing your firm’s target in line with your life choices.
  4. Being a consultant leaves you with very few professional decisions. If you are at a point in your life where, professionally, you want to have the power of decision, for example, on a budget, even if it is a reduced budget, consulting does not give you that possibility as a junior.
  5. A majority of the activity will be outside your comfort zone. A consultant will have the sensation of starting at zero for each new assignment, which may seem grueling for some of you.



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