Become a Management Consultant

If you are wondering about the differences between a management consultant and a strategy consultant, what follows will attempt to clarify your picture. The management consultant assists organizations in the broad sense — it means not only companies from the private but also public sector, parastatal structures and non-governmental organizations — to improve their performance.


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In the first place, the management consultant will proceed to the analysis of the organization and the current operating model of his client; then he will develop recommendations for improvement. The advice provided will be impartial, realistic, and will take into account the realities and constraints of the market’s customers.


Becoming a Consultant in Management: What are the Activities?


To project into the business, a vision of the activities is essential. The tasks of the management consultant include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial planning
  • Market analysis
  • Option development and the associated scoring
  • Operational planning
  • The completion of due diligence
  • The partial implementation of recommendation plans in order to achieve the objectives set in the context of the mission

As you can see, the spectrum of activities is wide and gives rise to a job requiring multi-tasking skills. The management consultant also acts as writer because, as you probably know, the delivered product in a consulting firm is formalized by a document — typically in the format of a “Power Point” —  and the writing task is under consultant responsibility. A consultant is also a speaker as he needs to present the analyses of his firm to the customers. The consultant is also a trainer who must ensure the transfer of skills to his client, but also internally because he has quickly to manage a small junior consultant’s team. He is also an analyst; it is one of the popular clichés of consulting with the image of the consultant who “crunches” many data all the time. Finally, he has a role of liaison with the client, as a representative of his employer.

On the pane of writing, it should be noted that the consultant’s main challenge is to evolve his recommendation during the project. For example, the recommendations would evolve according to multiple clients’ feedback and input during the assignment, due also to the market evolution, etc. This ability to not only adapt himself, but also adapt his work, is characteristic of the profession of consultant in management. For me, who came from a PhD field where the work followed mainly a linear process, the culture shock was important. And what about you? Is this type of process compatible with your experience and most importantly with your professional goals?

The added value of the management consultant is his neutral and argued eye. The value proposal of a rational analysis, coupled with a transparent and neutral process leading to recommendations is a value that businesses do not easily find internally.


The Life Of A Management Consultant


I opted to share my point of view on Therefore, beyond the usual precautions of the kind “it depends on the firm,” I would say that life as a management consultant, in comparison with strategy consulting, is a more balanced one. To be taken in the broadest sense: less stress and pressure and lower wages, as well as career development that is lower than in strategy firms. In this sense, management consulting can be a good arbitration for a middle-term career choice vs. a short term for strategy consulting.


But Then, What Are the Differences With Strategy Consulting?


Here again, we must be careful because we certainly cannot advance with generalities. Let’s just illustrate the point that if strategy consulting is associated with disruptive assignments and impact, management consulting is rather in the incremental impact. Continuity is more marked for clients and at the consultant’s level, with longer projects and careers that are open to projection in the medium term.


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