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Before you begin, here is the “basic” information to become a consultant on one of the reference sites for students in the US. To go further, I suggest you read the articles in this section related to consulting careers!


As you can see from the link above, the content is certainly documented but remains largely “generic.” The key point here is whether this business is or is not for you. Before taking any position whatsoever, in order to determine whether or not you will like the job, you should do some research before filing your application.


Two reasons underlie this:


1) First, the recruitment process in consulting is extremely demanding: long, selective, and elitist. Therefore, it is better to be well-informed. The management consulting candidates market is full of tourists who are wasting their time and wasting the time of recruiters. But a tourist is also a candidate who may never really take the time to reflect on his or her adequacy  for the job.


2) This brings us to the second reason to inquire properly before sending any CV: a number of young consultants have passed the selection tests, but find themselves in a delicate situation, only through the lack of anticipation as to their suitability for the job on a daily basis. The rate of contracts which do not pass the probationary period is enormous. But one way to mitigate this risk is to plan precisely for one’s future career.

Consulting careers – Is It for Me?

In fact, the simplest question is also one of the toughest to answer: “Consulting, is it for me?” The opposite question is not urgent at this stage because knowing if one is made to be a consultant, and especially how to convince a panel at an interview in this sense, will be the subject of all articles devoted to your preparation on the CV, cover letter, market sizing, brainteaser, cases studies, etc.
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In the Consulting Case Revolution, I devote the first modules to the connection with the world of consulting, and I finish in a neutral manner with 10 reasons to become a consultant and 10 reasons not to become a consultant. Why? As discussed in the module on preparing for the case studies, there are many errors one should  avoid during consulting interviews. But a substantive error, a transverse error that influences all the others, which is of a more technical nature, is the lack of connection with the world of consulting.

Be Connected with Consulting


Finally, because the secret of success in this type of interview is to integrate, as soon as possible, modes of thought, reasoning, and standards of a real consultant position, any approach that I share with you is to make you, the consulting candidate, a professional who has mastered the fundamentals of the craft before even receiving any offer. So my candidates do better, much better, than the average, even in the top-tier firms elsewhere. The first step in your journey is to concretely project yourself into the consulting sector. This trip is to imagine yourself in the job, in everyday life, and in the short- and long-term, to weigh the pros and cons. The job pays well, but it is demanding. The job is intellectually stimulating, but it involves working with a very short time scale. In brief, it will be fine for you to make a trade-off between a plethora of topics, which I detail exhaustively in the CCR training and I begin to discuss in the articles of this site.


The risk, then, is to appear disconnected as a candidate from his future career. It is a negative signal vis-à-vis a recruiter who will wonder why the candidate has not made the utmost effort to better know his future profession. This often leads to misunderstandings between the examiner and the consultant candidate.


In the following articles, I propose to explain concrete problems for any candidate, such as the question of careers for women, wages, good training to become a consultant, the challenges specific to the profession for junior consultants, the life of a consultant, etc.

Become a Strategy Consultant – How To Work In Strategy Consulting

The first question I ask candidates who want to become a strategy consultant is, “Why strategy rather than other niches in consulting?” It is essential for a candidate of your level to have a career plan that does not rely on buzz and prestige. Even if you are not motivated by prestige, it will be necessary at some point – ...

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Become a Management Consultant

If you are wondering about the differences between a management consultant and a strategy consultant, what follows will attempt to clarify your picture. The management consultant assists organizations in the broad sense — it means not only companies from the private but also public sector, parastatal structures and non-governmental organizations — to improve their performance.     In the first place, the management ...

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What are the activities of a management and strategy consultant

Strategy consulting is undoubtedly the consulting segment which attracts more candidates for a variety of legitimate reasons. A question that comes up very often on this “holy Grail” is to know what the consultants actually spend their day doing in a strategy consulting firm. Certainly, there are a lot of articles about 24 hour periods of consultants’ lives, and I ...

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Management Consulting Careers: What Training Should I Take To Become A Junior Management Consultant?

In the case of a junior candidate to consulting, one must consider several scenarios to gauge the most appropriate consulting training. Consulting in a mature country Consulting in a non-mature country Other niches of consulting   Training for Strategy Consulting in Mature Country   Strategy consulting is undoubtedly the most elitist segment in the consulting sector. This also results in elitism in ...

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Are You Cut-Out For A Life As A Management Consultant?

Learn more about the life that goes with the profession of management consultant. Here is something to ponder before you embark on the recruitment process…   The Trade-Offs Inherent in the Life of a Consultant   The life of a consultant is structurally different from that of a typical manager. To use an image, I would say that the consultant is a ...

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The Specific Challenges Posed To Junior Management Consultants

The junior management consultant is not, by definition, one with a great deal of professional experience. This article proposes to clarify the main challenges posed to early career consultants, and even more specifically, in the phase directly after they have accepted the position.       This topic will allow you to have content to answer certain questions of fit during ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Management Consulting Careers

I often use a table setting out the ten reasons to become a strategy consultant vs. ten reasons for not becoming one, as management consulting careers is often a black box for many candidates. In this article, I propose to share the first five reasons in one direction and in the other. So that the following can serve you effectively, use them as ...

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What you Should You Know About the Management Consultants Salaries

devenir consultant: salaire des consultants

The management consultants salaries consultants is a recurring question mark for candidates considering careers in consulting, and it is legitimate. In general, it is necessary to distinguish between consulting niches. Strategy consulting leads the field and gives rise to the highest wages, as expected.   The Management Consultants Salaries Are Attractives   In strategy consulting firms, the average wage is higher ...

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Management Consulting Careers: Is This Career Path Made For Women?

Becoming a consultant raises many questions for candidates considering  management consulting careers. The life of a consultant is, indeed, out of standard, particularly in terms of the balance between private and professional life. In these circumstances, is the profession of consultant in strategy and management possible for a woman? My answer is a little indecisive: yes and no. Here is ...

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