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To begin, to give you an idea of good Human Resources practices on consultants CV, you can take a look here. It is in order to go further that I wrote this section, because these “HR” tips are insufficient …



How to Write Your CV According To The Standards Of Consulting?

To answer this question, it is necessary to recall that recruitment in consulting has standards generally higher than in more conventional business manager career recruitment. The working time necessary to prepare a CV of required the quality is approximately 15 hours for a typical business school or engineering school candidate.

Why Spend so Much Time on the CV?

When you have read my last sentence, you’ve probably wondered why a document as common as the CV should require as much work time. The question is perfectly legitimate, and I will say just at this point that if the consultant CV should be limited only to good human resources practices, it would be otherwise, and so there is no doubt that three to four hours of work would be sufficient to have a good document.

consultant cv

In consulting, the bar is high, and to be “competitive” it will be necessary not to see your CV as a single administrative document or barely more, whose role would be to get invited to an interview. I’m not saying that is wrong; I say that it is largely insufficient.

The Five Levels Of Competitiveness For The Fit Interview

I am fortunate to have prepared hundreds of candidates for careers in management consulting, strategy, and other specialized consultants. This feedback enabled me to formalize a scale of competitive candidates about their performance during the fit interview.


For those who don’t know, the fit interview is the more “classic” part of the discussions in consulting. It is the part of the interview where the candidate presents himself and answers a set of questions on his academic background, experience, and motivation. All in all, this section is common to all job interviews, in and out of consulting. Specificity in consulting, however, it is twofold:


1) Firstly, the duration of the fit interview is much shorter in consulting firms. Why? Because a major part of the interview consists of the case study. On average, count on about 15 minutes for the fit interview.


2) Then again, given the level of standards in consulting firms, it is necessary to be even better than in other recruitment contexts. Clarity, persuasiveness, consistency, structure, dynamism, proactivity, etc. are all important. You know the keywords, and you and I know it is not enough to say them. You really have to achieve these performance levels to be successful in interviews.

consultant cv 5 levels

In terms of performance of the candidates, I set up a scale of one to five. Level five is the one I recommend you to aim for without fail if you are really serious about your career and have truly decided to become a consultant. To reach level five it takes on average about fifteen hours of dedicated work. But let’s start with the first level: level one of my performance scale is summed up in “having a good resume.” During my training, I don’t spend more than 10 minutes on this component, because I think that any candidate passed by an academic career normally has a quality resume. To make sure this is also your case, I suggest you read the selection of articles that I put online on this site. These items will allow you to be at the level of “good practices” in human resources.


To achieve level two, read the articles on the topic “consultant cover letter.” For levels three, four, and five, I recommend you to follow the free videos presenting the Consulting Case Revolution training, in which I devote exactly eight training modules to explain step by step how to achieve the level of excellence to crack your interviews.


I wish you an interesting reading!

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