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The Case in Point book is a strong reference in the world of consulting interviews preparation. This book is so important that I decided to dedicate a category to share my vision about it on Let’s be clear, in a nutshell, I advise to buy it but not for the conventional way of using it, as making as many cases as possible to become competitive.
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Get the Case in Point

To purchase this book, you can go here at the giant Amazon. Here are the reviews of some of the readers of the book on the site:
“Very good book, rather thin but dense and clear. Something to do a few hours on the different business cases.”
“The writer walks you through the attitude you must have and the preparation you must do before and during a consulting interview. His style of writing is nice and easy to read. He presents different frameworks to help organize an interviewee’s thoughts. There are also many exercises (and solutions) in the book that serve as very good preparatory examples for cases.”
“One complaint with this book? Pretty messy. Bible on the matter, it is a must. And if you read this comment is that you spend the interviews; good luck!”


Let’s be clear, this book is really essential for any candidate looking for a consulting career today. First, if only because this book is used by 99% of your “competitors” targeting the same consulting firms as you do. It is always a good practice to learn about the approaches of its competitors in a given market, and the recruitment in consulting is no exception to the rule!

Use the Case in Point Effectively

Now, nothing forces you to limit yourself to using the same approach as your competitors or to imitate them in their mistakes! Because let’s be clear: it is almost impossible to be competitive for interviews in consulting firms by limiting your preparation to the Case In Point. I will explain why in detail in the other articles of this section. I give you the process that I consider optimized to make an excellent preparation tool of this reference book, in addition to the transversal approach that you must have to succeed in the case studies of today. Yes, because the 2016 case studies are no longer those of  the ’90s – the date of the first Case in Point book edition!


One of the comments that I’ve taken over specifies that the book is “clutter.” It is indeed one of the most classic comments of the Case in Point for the simple reason that it is built in the form of transcripts of real dialogue between applicants and examiners.
This results in an easy and enjoyable to read content but not enough structured, at least not structured enough for consulting standards. It’s mandatory for a reader of Case in Point to make the effort to extract the analytical framework in the middle of a  wide range of information scrambling the main message. But remember that the primary reason of failure in consulting interviews is precisely not appearing structured enough! We must, therefore, make a special effort to reach the target in terms of structuring with the Case in Point. The Consulting Case Revolution training is precisely developed to meet this need for critical structuring.
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On the other hand, it is always interesting in terms of differentiation, to think “out of the box.” Therefore, you probably know that while waiting facing different lines for a given service, it is always those who queue up on the side who pass before others, human nature being to regroup there where there are more people, so in the central rows.
Master an approach that is outside of the box from the beginning of your preparation phase, and not only relying on your performance during a real interview is an approach that works in consulting interviews; I give you the  promise. Using the Case in Point differently than your colleagues, you will you also take a queue more effective to achieve your professional goal: becoming a consultant in an excellent firm. It worked for me in McKinsey and BCG and for hundreds of candidates. Give yourself the chance to succeed now!


I wish you interesting reading!

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