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Boston Consulting Group Careers Paths for graduates who have no MBA start as Associates; they work with the firm for two to three years before starting their Master. It is very difficult to become a consultant without an MBA in the United States. In France, the young graduates of top target institutions may well evolve into a consulting position without a break in their career. If they wish and are eligible, the firm will pay for their MBA studies, but it is an option that is not mandatory. Following the progression in hierarchy scale you have Project Manager, Principal, Partner and Senior Partner.


Boston Consulting Group Careers Ladder


Modes of operation and staffing of BCG are close to its two main competitors in that the consultants only work on one project at a time. Training and personal development of consultants is a subject taken very seriously by the firm.


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In addition to the classic week of integration, each passage from one grade to another is accompanied by specific training. The firm does not hesitate to invest in train promoted consultants.

For example, all European project leaders will share the same training experience in a given city over several days. The “à la carte” training is also highly developed within the company. Periods in-between projects are conducive so that each consultant can implement a custom set of training according to his or her aspirations.

For the most efficient consultants, BCG offers many opportunities. First of all, in terms of mobility, the firm offers an exchange program between office, called “Ambassadors” that allow the best consultants to gain an experience within an office of their choice from abroad for a full year. This is typically the path proposed to consultants promoted as project leaders. The best of the best consultants also have the opportunity to integrate the Strategy Institute, which is a team composed of consultants working on the strategy and the competitive advantage of tomorrow on a 10 year perspective. Finally, the best-performing senior consultants may be elected to participate in the BCG fellows program. This program gives carte blanche to these nominees to work on topics of research at their discretion, with a support budget and all the necessary resources for this.

Boston Consulting Group Internships


Obtaining an internship in the Boston Consulting Group is not easy. In France, for example, getting an internship is harder than getting a full-time job! The seating is very limited.

So we can really say that some candidates who have no chance to get an internship by a negative volume effect. However, these candidates can directly become consultants by following the classical recruitment process – out of internship then. A trainee consultant at BCG, for its part, has all chances to see his contract converted to full-time employment. In the United States, Business Week magazine tells us that three quarters of trainees become consultants at BCG overseas.


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