All You Need To Know About Boston Consulting Group Recruitment and Interviews


Boston Consulting Group recruitment is highly selective. We are in the top tier category, which means that less than 5% of applicants get an offer. I speak of the candidates who were invited to the interviews!


Boston Consulting Group Recruitment Process Overview


In most offices, Boston Consulting Group recruitment process is spread over three rounds, each consisting of two interviews. The structure of the interviews is classic with a first part dedicated to the fit, followed by a case study and a classic conclusion with the final questions asked by the candidate. The only exception to this rule is that the first meeting of the second round is the famous BCG written case. For this one, the candidate has two hours to review a set of documents and answer three to five questions in the form of slides prepared by hand. In this exercise, the candidate is alone to carry out his or her analysis and formalize it for about two hours: interactions with the interviewer take place during the presentation of the candidate.

Another peculiarity of the recruitment process translates in the very quantitative character of case studies. Indeed, in an interview at the BCG, it is almost impossible to not have a calculation to make or a minimum of analytical reasoning. BCG is, indeed, a particularly quantitative firm, where the arguments are done and undone on a numerical basis. I am not talking about conventional market sizings that are very common in any firm, at the first round of interviews, but “real” quantitative cases, which constitute the most delicate challenge of case studies, really.


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Finally, to cope with the influx of candidates in the early rounds, including the first round of recruitment, BCG uses more and more a computer test like the McKinsey PST called the Potential Test. You can download any of these tests online. For training for this type of test, I recommend you prepare on the PST McKinsey as a valuable tool for the online BCG Potential test. In an interview at the Boston Consulting Group, it is essential to share the steps of your reasoning, communicate loudly, and keep nothing implicitly on your sheet, because the firm intends to analyze your thinking and your communication rather than the gross result of your calculations.

BCG’s site is full of resources to give you an idea of the latest consulting cases statements, Potential Test, and also share with you some common sense tips for a successful case study. If it’s not all as great as we thought to prepare concretly to the cases interviews, I still recommend you read it, and take the test online. The ones who have the hand on the recruitment process are the consultants, rather than the human resources department of the firm. A smart contact with an  alumnus will be the best way to approach this firm.


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