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The typical Accenture recruitment process consists of three rounds. In the first round, it is primarily that the CV of your application will be evaluated, both in terms of your path but also your personality.


Accenture Recruitment Process and Interviews For Junior Candidates


If the firm is predominantly technical, it seeks candidates that also demonstrate their competencies outside purely technical domains. Successful applicants after the selection are invited to a second round.

During these interviews the candidate will face a classical case study. The case studies at Accenture are primarily simulation exercises. That is to say that their statement is often in the form: “What would you do in a given situation? “ Nevertheless, the method to handle the case studies of strategy consulting firms applies perfectly at Accenture. The key word in this type of test is as always the structure.


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Finally, in the third round, the candidate follows a process that looks a lot like the second round with classic interviews mixing fit and case studies.

To approach the firm Accenture, given its size, it is likely that your own professional network is the best way to access. The firm is a partner of most of the major universities around the world. This is to identify networking events by your institution and to prepare well in advance. I would remind you that the preparation mainly consists of three elements:

  1. Inquire about the company via a search on the Internet, your network, and your interactions with your career center, etc.
  2. Write your CV according to the norms and standards of consulting.
  3. Prepare your speeches and prepare your questions before the event.

The company’s website offers an interactive program, including a questionnaire useful to work on and video presentations that will help you learn more about Accenture and its recruitment process. Information is rather administrative in nature, but it is a first introduction I recommend you to look at, including the video below:


Accenture Recruitment Process and Interviews For Seniors Candidates


The process of recruitment for senior candidates is structured in the same way that I presented above: three rounds combining fit interviews and case studies. It should be noted that senior profiles are really welcome at Accenture. In a company where projects are very functional, they enrich their staffing by experienced consultants, which is indeed a real added value. The key point for senior candidates is to work their soft skills well. In essence, this is to show that you already have human and relational skills that complement your technical profile.


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